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Diamond Coated Conductive Probes

The ideal probe for making AFM Oxidation Nanolithography

Stable and nondestructive,wear resistant probe with conductive diamond coating

allows you to make as many images as you want.

HA_HR_DCP/15 (15 separated chips): 680 € (Add to cart)
HA_HR_DCP/50 (50 separated chips): 1.700 € (Add to cart)
NEW! Stable and nondestructive, wear resistant probes with conductive diamond coating.
High Accuracy High Resonance frequency noncontact AFM probes HA_HR series with doped diamond conductive coating, each chip has 2 cantilevers, resonant frequency 380 kHz / 230 kHz, force constant 34 N/m / 17 N/m.
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