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Diffraction Grating TDG01



Diffraction grating TDG01 is intended for submicron calibration scanning probe microscopes (SPM) in the X or Y direction.

Grating description


- glass wafer
- the grating is formed on the layer of chalcagenid glass
- the grating top surface is aluminium

Pattern types:

1- Dimensional (in the X or Y direction)

Pattern height:

> 55 nm provides good image contrast


parallel ridges


278 nm (3600 periods/mm)


±1 nm


diameter 12,5 mm, thickness - 2,5 mm

Effective area:

central diameter 9 mm.


Fig.1 TDG01 grating

The image was obtained in the semi-contact mode on the microscopе SOLVER P47H (NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments)

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