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28.02.2022, SPRING MRS 2022 MEETING

The 2022 Spring Materials Research Society conference and exhibit (MRS) will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii from May 8 to 13, 2022. The meeting will be in-person with virtual components.

Visit our booth #202 and find out about our latest technology and innovations.

Location: Hawai’i Convention Center
Honolulu, Hawaii
Booth number: 202

Join more than 12,000 members from industry, academia and national labs, whose work touches on many fields, including chemistry, biology, physics and engineering.

We look forward to meeting you at this exciting event!

28.02.2022, SPRING ACS 2022 MEETING

30.11.2021, NT-MDT Spectrum Iinstruments is proud to announce its participation in Smart NanoMaterials 2021 conference

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