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The Linz Winter Workshop will focus on biological single-molecule research and nanoscience, and include force and optical microscopy/spectroscopy techniques. This year, special sessions on nano-medicine and high-speed atomic force microscopy will be organized. It is the aim to provide a common platform for industry and academia.

Visit the Linz Winter Workshop website by clicking the following link:www.jku.at/institut-fuer-biophysik/veranstaltungen/linz-winterworkshop/

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Starting from 1997-1998 the annual International Symposium «Nanophysics and Nanoelectronics” (nanosymp.ru/en/about) continues regular discussions on topical issues in such areas as the physics of semiconductor nanostructures, X-ray optics and scanning probe microscopy with the participation of all research groups in Russia, actively working in this field and with the participation of scientists from abroad.

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The Symposium scientific thematic covers a wide range of subjects of Condensed Matter Physics, its relevance is dictated by the large number of papers in this field in Russia and abroad, this trend is one of priority directions of science, technology and engineering in Russia.

Honorary President of NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments Bykov Victor Alexandrovich (Moscow, Russia) will make a guest report “From the first STM to nanotechnological systems for complex surface analysis - 30 years of experience in development and development” at the session in area “Measurements and technologies of atomic and nanometer scale based on probe, electron-beam and ion-beam methods”

15.11.2019, 2019 MRS Fall Meeting & Conference. Booth #422

NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments is delighted to announce our participation at 2019 MRS Fall which will take place from December 1 to December 6, 2019, in Boston, Massachusetts.

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The 2019 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit is the world's foremost international scientific gathering for materials research, the MRS meeting showcases leading interdisciplinary research in both fundamental and applied areas presented by scientists from around the world.

Come and visit our Booth #422 to speak to one of our experts and get a unique look at our devices in operation.

Visit the Spring MRS website by clicking the following link:

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