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ETALON is a new series of excellent composite AFM probes.

In terms of quality-to-price ratio, it has no analogues in the world market.
New Brand Technology of NT-MDT Combines All Critical Advantages in One Chip:
• Sharp tip (curvature radius less than 10 nm).
• Resonance frequency, specified with high accuracy (±10%).
• Special chip geometry for convenient operating.
• High aspect ratio tip.
• Enhanced back-side reflection of the cantilever.

Highly Specified Resonance Frequency
The ETALON Series probe have two polysilicon levers with
a pedestal and monocrystal silicon tips.
Precision  technology of polysilicon deposition guarantees the lever thickness control.
A special frequency stabilizer is designed to make the dispersion of the resonant frequency and force constant smaller (due to the lever length control).
Thanks to the above mentioned facts, the ETALON probes are characterized by highly reproducible parameters:
• Typical dispersion of the lever thickness: ±0.15 μm
• Typical dispersion of the lever length: ±2 μm
• Typical dispersion of the probe resonant frequency: ±10%
• Typical dispersion of the force constant: ±20%.


Comparison between ETALON and silicon probes

Parameters ETALON probes Silicon cantilevers

Thickness dispersion of the cantilever

± 0.15 µm ± 0.5 µm

Length dispersion of the cantilever

± 2 µm ± 10 µm

Resonant frequency dispersion

± 10% till ± 100%


SCAN-GALLERY  of the Images obtained by ETALON Probes


NT-MDT supply with high resolution SPM probes for the main SPM modes.
The probes are supplied with and without reflective coating, with conductive and magnetic coatings to cover the greater part of SPM application range.
Extremely sharp tips allow to obtain high-quality images of your samples.
Probes have standard chip size that makes them compartible with the devices of the most SPM manufactures.


NT-MDT is happy to announce new format of probe puchases. For your convenience we launch new sets which include different probe series for research of different samples by various AFM modes.

UNISETs is the perfect choice for educational purposes or in case you are not sure of the probe type you need for your research and are interested to try different alternatives. 

Super sharp diamond-like carbon (DLC) tips with typical curvature radius 1nm are extremely useful for obtaining high resolution on objects with sizes of several nanometers. DLC tips have very long lifetime due to the high material durability.

"Whisker Type" probes are specially designed for researching deep trenches and control of near vertical sidewalls. Any inclination angle to match the SPM holder specification and different Whisker tip length can be produced at customer's requirement.

The ideal probe for making AFM Oxidation Nanolithography

Stable and nondestructive,wear resistant probe with conductive diamond coating

allows you to make as many images as you want.

NT-MDT offers SNOM aperture cantilevers for contact and noncontact modes.

Company NT-MDT supply with the SNOM probes for Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopes.

Company NT-MDT supply with the full set of calibration standards for SPM lateral and vertical calibration (including submicron calibration in X or Y direction), test grating for determination of the tip shape, SNOM test grating.

Company NT-MDT supply with Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG).  It's a type of pure, highly laminar graphite used as an atomic-scale calibration standard for atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy.
Such HOPG properties as atomic plane surface and good conductivity make it the best material for STM calibration and the excellent substrate for different samples. HOPG is a material that consists of many atomic layers of carbon highly oriented among each other. HOPG is manufactured at the temperature of 3273K and remains stable at the temperatures up to 2000°C in the inert environment. The parallelism of atomic layers is characterized by "mosaic spread angle". The less this angle the higher the quality of HOPG is.

NT-MDT Co opens sales of new products - special colloidal probes for direct surface force measurement, measurement of adhesion forces, study of colloidal interactions between particle and surface and many other applications.

We offer two types of the probes:

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