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General Information

·         Standard chip size: 1.6x3.4x0.3 mm.
·         Cross-section is trapezium-shape.
·         High reflective chemically stable Au back side coating (reflectivity is 3 times better in         comparison with uncoated probes).
·         Compatible with the most of commercialAFM devices.
·         The base silicon is highly doped to avoid electrostatic charges.
·         Rectangular shape.
·         Cross-section is trapezium-shape.
·         Backside width is given in probes specifications.
·         Available for contact, semicontact and noncontact modes.
·         Tip is set on the controlled distance 5-20мm from the free cantilever end.
·         Total tip shape is tetrahedral, the last 500nm from tip apex is conical.
·         Tip height: 14 – 16 мm.
·         Typical curvature radius:
      - of uncoated tips 6 nm, guaranteed 10nm;
      - of coated tips 35nm.
·         Tip offset: 5 - 20 мm.
·         Tip aspect ratio: 3:1 – 7:1.
·         Front plane angle: 10°±2°.
·         Back plane angle: 30°±2°.
·         Side angle (half): 18°±2°.
·         Cone angle at the apex: 7° - 10°.

Side View Sketch

Front View Sketch
“Golden” Silicon Probes are available:
·         with Au and Al reflective coating
·         with PtIr, TiN, Au, diamond doped conductive coating
·         with CoCr magnetic coating
·         with no coatings (bare)
·         tipless
Probes are packaged in GelPak® boxes. (GelPak® is a registered trade mark of Vichem
Guaranteed product yield is better than 90%.
Available cantilever bent angle <2 degrees. 
Warranty: 1 year for uncoated probes and probes with reflective coating
                6 months for probes with conductive coating
                3 months for probes with magnetic coating
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